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TigerMUCK Rules and Policies

The only 'hard' rule we have is 'no humans'. We want to keep the place all furry. :) Other than that, the only other things I ask are:

1) That you keep all building 'mappable'. That is, no exits to far ends of the muck that don't make geographical sense. We hope to eventally have on-line maps for all public roads and spaces. You are encouraged to build a home, or at least decorate a room in an apartment or condo area.

2) That any 'loose' objects you create be kept on you or in your area someplace. (We've had a bit of a 'litter' problem. :) )

3) Any sex activities should be limited to your or other semi-private places where privacy and public decorum can be maintaimed (i.e. not in the park, lobbies, along main streets, or locations likely to be walked in on by the casual explorer). We are getting large enough that folks are wandering about, and we do have some 'youngster' characters here. This is just a plea to be reasonably responsible in your behaviour and is in no way meant to limit your activites. We are *not* a sex muck. Many have come to TigerMUCK to escape the public sexual innuendo and propositioning that goes on on other mucks. On the other hand, consensual sexual activity is acceptable when kept in its proper perspective. Do not assume that others feel the same about cybersex as you might...and that goes *both* ways. The bottom line is to be respectful of others and tolerant of their views. If you feel uncomfortable or believe you are being harassed at any time, contact a wizard and let them know what is wrong. Our goal is to provide a fun place where everyone can enjoy company without being ill at ease.

4) In general, treat others as you would like to be treated.

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