Senate Bill No. 13-Senator Raggio Prefiled on January 14, 1997 ____________ Referred to Committee on Judiciary SUMMARY--Prohibits sending certain unsolicited electronic mail under certain circumstances. (BDR 15-723) FISCAL NOTE: Effect on Local Government: Yes. Effect on the State or on Industrial Insurance: No. EXPLANATION - Matter in italics is new; matter in brackets [ ] is material to be omitted. AN ACT relating to crimes; prohibiting the transmission of certain types of unsolicited electronic mail under certain circumstances; providing a penalty; and providing other matters properly relating thereto. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, REPRESENTED IN SENATE AND ASSEMBLY, DO ENACT AS FOLLOWS: Section 1 Chapter 207 of NRS is hereby amended by adding thereto a new section to read as follows: 1. Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, a person shall not send or cause to be sent unsolicited electronic mail to solicit a person to purchase real property, goods or services. 2. The provisions of subsection 1 do not apply to unsolicited electronic mail that is sent to a person who has a preexisting business relationship with the person who sends or causes to be sent the electronic mail. 3. As used in this section, "electronic mail" means an electronic message that is transmitted between two or more computers or electronic terminals. The term includes an electronic message that is transmitted through a local, regional or global network of computers, regardless of whether the message is viewed by the recipient, stored for later retrieval or printed on paper after receipt. Sec. 2. The amendatory provisions of this act apply to offenses that are committed on or after October 1, 1997. Sec. 3. The provisions of subsection 1 of NRS 354.599 do not apply to any additional expenses of a local government that are related to the provisions of this act.