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The Furry FAQs as posted to the furry newsgroups live on this web site... I've set up an automatic posting service for furry FAQ maintainers, who provide updates for posting at the scheduled time:

	1st, 15th - films list, Furvey
	3rd, 20th - novels list, novels update
	5th, 18th - artists list
	7th, 22nd - copyright
	8th, 25th - main FAQ
	10th, 23rd - art materials
	10th of odd-numbered months - art preservation
	13th, 30th, Feb. 28 - zines list, comics & publishers lists
	15th - anime list
	23rd - BBS list
	28th - discography
	The week before furry cons - con-tips, sketchbook
	Every other Monday - infopage
	Tuesdays - binaries
	First & third Wednesdays - Furry MU*s info and list
	Thursdays - lifestyle FAQ
	Fridays - FurryNet
	Saturdays - plushies

Many of the links here will give you the actual files to be posted (without the headers); thus, if a FAQ has been updated but it's not yet the scheduled time to post, you'll get the info even fresher than you'll find on the newsgroup! Unfortunately for Web browsers, however, this means that they are only text files, with no links.

Captain Packrat's list of furry comics, however, is a link to his own Web page, as are several others. When it's time to post these, they're fetched and converted to text for posting. It's up to the FAQ maintainer to decide whether to handle their FAQ this way.

If you've written a furry FAQ, essay, informational list, etc. that you'd like posted regularly and automatically to one of the furry-related newsgroups, contact me at . You can either e-mail the FAQ to me whenever you update it, or if you keep it on your own web page I can fetch it from there at posting time.

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