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This is a periodic posting with the details on "Furrynet", a net-news
hierarchy of specific interest to Furry Fandom.  For an
introduction/explanation of "Furry", please browse the FAQs at

A hypertext version of this document is now available from

         - Contents - 

SECTION 1: Everything you wanted to know about Furrynet but where too much
     of a nervous prey species to ask.

  1.1    What is Furrynet?
  1.2    Furrynet's posting guidelines
  1.3    How do I join Furrynet?
  1.4    How do I read Furrynet newsgroups?
  1.5    How do I post to it?
  1.5.1  How do I post a binary file?

SECTION 2: About the fur.* newsgroups

  2.1    An overview of the Furrynet newsgroups
  2.2    What else do I need to know about these newsgroups?
  2.3    Where can I get the canonical list of newsgroups?
  2.4    How can I create a fur.* newsgroup?

SECTION 3: Supporting Services

  3.1    Furrynet NNTP servers
  3.1.1  Notes for posting to news.critter.net
  3.1.2  Notes for posting to news.chameleon.net and news.lightbearer.com
  3.1.3  Notes for posting to news.fur.com
  3.1.4  Notes for posting to furry.ao.net
  3.1.5  Reporting problems or getting assistance for public servers
  3.2    Configuring NNTP-able newsreaders
  3.2.1  Configuring web browsers as newsreaders
  3.2.2  Configuring NN or TIN
  3.2.3  Configuring SLRN
  3.2.4  Configuring PINE
  3.3    Other Furrynet services and archives

SECTION 4: Credits and Thank Yous

SECTION 1: Everything you wanted to know about Furrynet ...

1.1      What is Furrynet? 

 The fur.* (furrynet) hierarchy is a set of newsgroups intended to provide
 Furry Fandom with message areas that have established policies to
 severely reduce the amount of inappropriate traffic that has become an
 endemic problem on the larger Usenet.

 All going well, it's hoped that the new hierarchy will be able to keep
 the attention of all the diverse interests in Furry Fandom.

 (NB: Net-news' "Furrynet" shouldn't be confused with the Fido-net "FurNet"

1.2      Furrynet's posting guidelines

 If you are new to net-news, it is strongly recommended before posting to
 any newsgroup that you learn the basics in using it effectively. There's
 a good collection of informational documents you can retrieve from
 http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/hypertext/faq/usenet/usenet/ (Or if
 you prefer, ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.announce.newusers/)

 What makes Furrynet special from most other newsgroup hierarchies is the
 "fur-monitor" ("FurBot"), a computer moderator, that will automatically
 and impartially cancel any message that fits the profile of unacceptable
 traffic, such as, but not limited to, spamming and trolling.

    1.   Messages should have their distribution set to "fur".
         (That is, include the article header line "Distribution: fur")
         Note that fur _must_ be all lowercase.

    2.   For those using newsreaders that do not possess the ability to
          insert distribution headers, the word "fur" can be put in the
         Subject line instead. 

    Omitting either of these 'tags' will generate an "Improperly tagged"
    response from the fur-monitor. 

    3.   Furrynet messages _cannot_ be cross-posted outside of the fur.*

    4.   The _only_ exception to part 3. above is that cross-posting _is_
         permitted between fur.* and other furry-related newsgroups in
         Usenet proper. These groups mainly are alt.fan.furry (and related
         subgroups) and alt.lifestyle.furry.

    5.   Messages posted to Furrynet _cannot_ be cross-posted to more than 
         3 groups. 

    6.   The fur-monitor also checks the number of groups set in the
         Followup-To header also. Again, this should be no more than 3.

    7.   The newsgroup fur.announce is for announcements only. Any post to
         this newsgroup _should_ have the Followup-To header set
         appropriately. If in doubt, use fur.misc as a default group to
         set in this header. fur.announce is _not_ intended to be a
         discussion newsgroup.

 There are several amendments to the guidelines, pending their acceptance
 by the Furrynet Cabal and training of the fur-monitor:

    a.   Regard reposts of the same message ("multi-posts") as having the
         same limitations as cross-posts. (See Guideline 3.)

    b.   Disallow cross-posting between the erotica and non-erotica
         newsgroups (artwork and stories)

    c.   Additional guidelines to ensure the purpose of fur.announce --
         either through moderation, and/or disallowing any reposts or
         cross-posts of a message to the other fur.* newsgroups. The
         guidelines for fur.announce are listed in part 7. above.

 Anything the fur-monitor doesn't notice may still be canceled manually if
 it's abusive in other ways, such as velveeta ("slow spam"), illegal
 ("MAKE MONEY FAST" fraud, copyright violations), a binary posting to a
 discussion- only newsgroup, or for grossly inappropriate discussion (like
 erotica in the wrong place).

 If you notice a posting that violates the guidelines but your site has
 yet to receive the fur-monitor's cancel message, please don't compound
 the problem by writing a follow-up pointing it out.  The physics of
 net-news being what it is, it may take a little while for fur-monitor
 messages to arrive.  If the problem persists, your site would seem to
 have a problem receiving control messages and this needs to be looked at
 by your net-news administrator.  Non-evil Newsadmins are welcome to run
 their own copy of the fur-monitor.  Sites not on the Furrynet proper
 (those receiving "leaked" articles) have no guarantee to a spam-free

 Furrynet is _not_ part of Usenet and not subject to its guidelines. Sites
 that are unwilling to respect its rules will be blocked from

1.3      How do I join Furrynet?

 This section is for those people who run and administer newsservers and
 are interested in setting up a peering arrangement to exchange articles
 on Furrynet. For many people, this section will not apply. 

 The preferred method is for the net-news administrator at your site to
 send mail to fur-config@news.furry.net. The current moderator at that
 address will then forward the request to the newsgroup fur.config for
 debate/approval. The nearest Furrynet newsadmin to your area should then
 help arrange a feed.

 It is expected all member systems in Furrynet have a good anti-spam/abuse
 policy.  Not only would this help keep the fur.* newsgroups usable, but
 it is one more way customers can be made aware of the consequences in
 dealing with an abuse-tolerant provider, and hopefully encourage the
 provider itself to be more responsible.

 Several problems have arisen from fur.* articles making it outside into
 the regular net-news newsfeeds, so any newsservers carrying Furrynet
 should take precautions to plug any leaks.

1.4      How do I read Furrynet newsgroups?

 If your net-news administrator can arrange for a Furrynet 'feed, just
 continue using your favorite news-reading program.

 Unfortunately, in many cases, the preferred method above is not an option
 for users for a lot of reasons. The next best thing then is to configure
 your newsreader (that is, if you're using a `modern' one: Netscape, GNUS,
 what others?) to browse one of Furrynet's public NNTP sites; see section
 3.1 of this FAQ for a list of systems you can use.

1.5      How do I post to it?

 Again, if you're on a Furrynet site, it's business as usual, BUT PLEASE
 this FAQ).  A good newsreader will allow you to set the "Distribution:
 fur" header line, or if you're stuck with a crappy one, stick the word
 "fur" somewhere in the subject line.

 Any discussion of the fur-monitor service should be confined to

 Test messages should be posted ONLY to fur.test.

1.5.1    How do I post a binary file?

 If the particular newsgroup permits it... (See section 2.2)

 MIME encapsulation using BASE64 encoding is the preferred method for
 beaming binary files around Furrynet.  If your software cannot yet handle
 MIME, a good collection of encode/decode utilities for most popular (and
 otherwise) systems is available from ftp://ftp.andrew.cmu.edu/pub/mpack/.
 Using MIME with BINHEX encoding (the Mac format for forked files) is not
 recommended because a lot of software doesn't support it.

 "uuencoding" of binary files is the lowest common denominator and will
 certainly be accepted.  It's not known if any Furrynet sites are using
 ancient net-news software that puts limitations on message size, and
 multiple-part postings are terribly unreliable, so post it as one part--
 knock yourself out.

 The practice of "megaposting", where someone collects a bunch of files
 into a single ZIP file and then does a multiple-part posting, is
 considered a Bad Thing: (i) Images are already compressed and you won't
 be saving any real space, (ii) these megaposts usually end up missing
 parts, making the entire thing useless, and (iii) it is rather antisocial
 to push the limits of people's disks and phone lines.  They _will_ be
 canceled by hand.

SECTION 2: About the fur.* newsgroups

2.1      An overview of the Furrynet newsgroups

 The several important `top level' newsgroups that all of Furrynet depends
    fur.announce ......... Something worth howling to the world
    fur.answers .......... Frequently asked questions and answers
    fur.config ........... Discussions about Furrynet
    fur.control .......... For Furrynet monitor control messages only
    fur.test ............. For testing posts and Furrynet propagation

 The following parallel existing Usenet newsgroups:

    fur.artwork.misc ..... Furry art with inoffensive content
    fur.artwork.erotica .. Furry art with an erotic/sexual content
    fur.artwork.adult .... Furry art with adult themes/situations
    fur.lifestyle ........ Being furry in your own life
    fur.mucks ............ For discussing all of the furry multi-user
           role-playing environments
    fur.misc ............. Random furry discussion not fitting elsewhere
    fur.toons ............ Animation and cartoon discussions

 ....and now some others, just for fun:

    fur.artwork.artists .. Art techniques, materials, and media
    fur.artwork.discuss .. Criticism, praise, raving fanboys
    fur.comics ........... Publications from 'Albedo' to the 'Zoo Crew'
    fur.conventions ...... Discussing/Announcing Furfen gatherings
    fur.stories.discuss .. Criticism, praise, raving fanfic-fans
    fur.stories.erotica .. Furry stories with adult content
    fur.stories.misc ..... Furry fictions you could show to your mother
    fur.stories.storyboard Online collaborations
    fur.stories.writers .. About writing

 Note that the _only_ binary newsgroups on Furrynet are:

 Binary postings to any other newsgroups _will_ be canceled by hand.

2.2      What else do I need to know about the newsgroups?

 fur.announce is intended only for messages of relative importance, and
 directing followups to another newsgroup (with the "Followup-To:" header
 line or doing so manually) is encouraged.

 Currently the only newsgroups where files approaching infinite size may
 be posted to are fur.artwork.misc and fur.artwork.erotica. (Please note
 that fur.artwork.artists is not on that list!) Binary postings (this
 includes "attachments") to the discussion newsgroups will be canceled.
 Go easy with excessive `flooding' of the fur.artwork.* newsgroups while
 there are still just a few public NNTP servers-- it will make a lot of
 difference to the load on these systems and their availability to other
 Furrynet users.

 Requests to identify the artist of an image by posting it turns out to be
 a bad thing a lot of the time; you'll never hear the end of it when the
 artist shows up and cries copyright violation.  "If you don't know, don't
 post." is the wisdom.  The best compromise seems to be posting just the

2.3      Where can I get the canonical list of Furrynet newsgroups?

 A "checkgroups" message is now posted regularly with this FAQ to
 fur.answers.  If you really can't wait for the fortnightly posting, it is
 available from

2.4      How can I create a fur.* newsgroup?

 No formal policies exist yet, but the accepted modus operandi is much the
 same as in other net-news hierarchies where the interested should bring
 the matter to fur.config and present a good case to the lurking Furrynet

 For the moment, the final authority to write the "newgroup" message
 belongs to Peter, Francisco, or Brian -- Furrynet's original proponents.

SECTION 3: Supporting Services

3.1      Furrynet NNTP servers

 Known Public Furrynet NNTP servers as of 16-Oct-2001:

 System                IP Address       Port  Comments
 --------------------  ---------------  ----  -------------- 
 news.critter.net     119   see note 3.1.1
 news.chameleon.net  119   see note 3.1.2
 news.fur.com      119   see note 3.1.3
 news.lightbearer.com  119   see note 3.1.2 
 furry.ao.net    119   see note 3.1.4
 --------------------  ---------------  ----  -------------- 

3.1.1    Notes for posting to news.critter.net
 All users from AOL.com must authenticate to the server for posting. The
 authentication details are: 

 User      : fur
 Password  : net

3.1.2    Notes for posting to news.chameleon.net & news.lightbearer.com

 _All_ users must authenticate to the server for posting. The
  authentication details are:

 User      : fur
 Password  : net

3.1.3    Notes for posting to news.fur.com

 _All_ users must authenticate to the server for posting. The
  authentication details are:

 User      : furry
 Password  : furry

3.1.4    Notes for posting to furry.ao.net

 _All_ users must authenticate to the server for posting _and_ reading. 
 The authentication details are:

 User      : furry
 Password  : furry

3.1.5    Reporting problems or getting assistance for public servers

 In general, should you require assistance or need to report a problem
 with one of the newsservers, your first point of contact should be
 newsmaster@. For example, the contact address for
 news.critter.net would be newsmaster@critter.net.  

3.2      Configuring NNTP-able newsreaders

3.2.1    Configuring news-savvy web browsers (eg, Netscape)

 The following URLs will direct a capable Web browser to the servers:


 Alternatively choose "Open News Host" (or the equivalent for your
 software) and enter the name of the server there.  (Don't forget the name
 of your regular server for when you want to return to Usenet.)

 For Netscape users who need their hands held:

 - Click on "options", go to "News Preferences", change the default news
   server to "news.critter.net", open the newsreader, click
   "news.critter.net", click "options", click "show all newsgroups", and
   then click "fur*".  Everything should now be loaded up.

3.2.2    Configuring NN and TIN

 If you're using a version of tin compiled with the NNTP options from a
 UNIX shell account, try one of these:

    $ NNTPSERVER=news.critter.net \
           tin -r -f .furryrc I .furrynet/.index              (ksh or bash)

    % setenv NNTPSERVER news.critter.net; \
           tin -r -f .furryrc I .furrynet/.index                 (csh/tcsh)

 Similarly for nn:

    $ NNTPSERVER=news.chameleon.net nn newsrc=~/.furryrc         (ksh/bash)
    % setenv NNTPSERVER news.chameleon.net nn newsrc=~/.furryrc  (csh/tcsh)

 If that works, you can make it into an alias in your .profile or .cshrc

3.2.3    Configuring SLRN

 SLRN needs to have the following line added into ~/.slrnrc first

    server    ""      ""
 So, for example, to add news.critter.net, the line to add would be:

    server    "news.critter.net"  ".jnewsrc-critter"

3.2.4    Configuring PINE

 Pine users will find joy by entering S(etup) and C(onfig), then editing
 the line "news collections" to read:


 You should Exit and restart, then use option L and go down to the news
folders, then option A to subscribe to the newsgroups you want.

3.3      Other Furrynet services and archives


 Contains the last ten days worth of postings to the Furrynet and furry
 Usenet image newsgroups-- very useful for people who missed an
 interesting file or have any difficulty decoding the images posted to
 fur.artwork.misc, fur.artwork.erotica, and fur.artwork.adult.

SECTION 4: Credits and Thank Yous

Contributions to this document have been received from Peter da Silva,
TigerWolf, Ixbalam, Joe Ekaitis, Bill Marcum, Gary Breuckman,
, Francisco Azinsan, and PeterCat.  The rest was written
and prepared by Chris Baird .

This document can be freely distributed for non-commercial use, but
contact Francisco  if you would like to try
something else.  All additions, corrections, and comments should be beamed
in his direction too.

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