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Katiana (Who is no longer on the muck) -- Clan Ravnos: Information and History -- 15:00:15 09/26/96 EDT

OK, this is going to be rather lengthy. At the request of Carmen, I have decided to post some basic information and history on the Ravnos and their ideals. We are becoming the most powerful clan here, but the fighting between the clan is not helping our cause. Please read this carefully.

A Brief History

The many small branches of the Ravnos family have been enmeshed in the World of Darkness since Daenna first bit into the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Guardians of Kooserin, the Seed of Earthly Awakening, the Ravnos have ever walked a narrow path between the blod-velvet darkness of the undead wrld and the harsh bloodshot mornings of human awakening. Such a path is not easily trod, and too many Ravnos have taken one step too far, plummeting into addiction and undying pain.

Branches of the Ravnos family wander throuht Europe and the Americas, but their greatest concentration has always been in and around the Balkans and the area now known as Eastern Europe. There the roots of the Ravnos family tree plunge deep.

The Ravnos say that Daenna returned but once to the Ivory City in the days following her transfiguration. From that journey returned she with another sort of seed, and from that seed were born the Ravnos. Or so the story is told.

On the night of her wild flight with Sarrath from the Ivory City, the newly empowered daenna grieved mightily for her beloved shimulo husband. Determined to discover the truth of his fate, Daenna turned back on her path, leaving her brother Sarrath to await her return. Searching for Dracian, Daenna returned to the smoldering ruins of their former home, still warm with the embers of fire and the memories of her heart. Heedless of any possible danger, Daenna threw wide the gates to her senses and sent her soul searching for any trace of her shimulo husand. Some say she stood among the ashes for hours, others say for days, but finally one tendril of her glorious mind brushed against the least vestige of her husband's form. Searching grimly in he dirt and ashes, Daenna finally spotted a small rock encrusted with the tarnished stains of Dracian's once-flowing blood: all that remained of her beloved.

After the first wave of tears that washed over her had passed, Daenna took the stone and fled the city for good.

Years passed and Daenna moved among the humans of the world with a passion unequaled by other mortals. As her children grew in number, the mother of us all loked carefully on them, from the youngest babe to the oldest grandmother, until she found one man among all her children who carried in him a passion almost he equal of Daenna's. The man's name was Ravnos, and to him Daenna passed her husband's legacy. Placing the blooded stone on Ravnos' tongue, Daenna bit her own tongue through before kissing him fully on the mouth. Willing the ancient blood to work its maic, Daenna lifted up her knife and plunged the blade into Ravnos' breast, holding him tightly as she felt his life's Blood ebb and wane and then strengthen again in her embrace.

Thus did Daenna and her husband create their only child, and from him sprung the shilmulo known to the other vampires as Ravnos. But Ravns had children of his own before Daenna chose him to be transformed, and these children protected their father as all who are family protect each other. Some of hese children Ravnos in turn transformed into beings like himself, but most he left alive and human. And from these are the Ravnos truly descended.

Little is known, even by the Ravnos, of their family's early history. The Ravnos have long been part of Gypsy society, even while remaining separate from it. Over the years, the Ravnos family spread and became more and moe aware of the vampire politics running under the doings of the mortals, as tidal currents run beneath seemingly calm waters. But Ravnos and those of his children he made shilmulo didn't care much for the politics of the Children of Caine. Sure, some of it was fun, and the vampires were always easy marks, for they took themselves so very seriously, but such grand scheming as went on amogst most of the Cainites was just not for Ravnos and his relations.

The human Ravnos tend to live in extremes, even for the Rom. Passions burn brightly, and they hold their live-for-the-moment attitude as dear as the gaje clutch their remote controls. But the other side of this coin, and perhaps the driving force behind their determination to reach new heights of head-spinning intoxications and trickery, arises from two sources. The first of these threats stems from within the family itself. The Ravnos family is named for the first shilmulo who walked in their midst as a Rom. Since then, the number of Romani vampires has grown, and all are members of the Ravnos family. Even if a Gypsy from another family is taken by a Ravnos in the tumnimos, the Embrace, she is from that time forth a member of the Ravnos.

These vampires can seek any of the Ravnos family for aid whenever necessary. As such, the Ravnos are careful that their homes, vans, trailers, and wagons have at least ne place where no sunlight can ever reach. Sometimes a particular shilmulo will adopt a kumpania and travel with it, too often feeding on his own kin. Ravnos vampires who feed on Gypsies have to fight their own form of addiction, as the Abilities they lost in the Embrace flood back to them while the Romani Blood again flows in their unliving veins. Similarly, many young Ravnos get off on drinking the blood of the shilmulo, becoming addicted to the power and highs the shilmulo blood grants. But most Ravnos fear the attentions and ministrations of their vampiric kin. However, Ravnos are family, whether mortal, kindred, gypsy or no, the Ravnos shall always aid their fellow kin. The vampiric Ravnos have rejected the laws of Camarilla society and choose to live in a democracy, though they are considered anarchs by those under Camarilla laws.

Ravnos' view on other clans and enlightened beings. -- 15:26:54 09/26/96 EDT

This is a list of the /general/ feelings of the Ravnos'. Obviously individual characters may disagree with some things.

For the Ravnos History, most info was taken from the Gypsy book produced by White Wolf. For the clan views, most info was taken from the Clan Ravnos homepage.

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