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Sociopolitical Ramifications MUCK - Original page

This is the original page about Sociopolitical Ramifications (online since 1995), written by a co-founder and long-term building wizard, who has at a later point left SPR. It is maintained as a service to all members.

SPR can be reached by pointing a telnet/MUCK client at: spr.ctrl-c.liu.se 23

A lot of or more furries (never trust counters) have left their paw prints here since 9 july 1997.

Maps of Sociopolitical Ramifications

These are PNG maps of the planetary layout of SPR. They are not meant to indicate realistic distances, but rather show how the rooms are related to each other. Only rooms which are reachable by walking are listed, sky rooms and most underground areas as well as the interiors of most houses have been omitted, as well as areas in space or not linked to the general layout (floating areas).

As on a game board, every room is represented by a square (except for some complex areas such as house interiors, marked with an exclamation mark). Lines stand for the exits between the rooms. Where these exits are not named according to the compass directions (N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE), the exit names are normally mentioned in violet. Rooms are colour-coded to show the type of area (streets yellow, nature green, water blue, underground gray, indoors red). Some of the rooms where furries can make their home are marked with a house symbol (but many owners of areas will allow you to link to more of their rooms - just do "ex here" to find out the owner, and leave her/him a page-mail).

These maps are Copyright © 1996--2001. Unauthorized redistribution and modification prohibited. The areas are Copyright © their respective creators (not necessarily identical with their current owners). This is the only site legally holding these SPR maps. Due to their age the maps are probably outdated in parts; if anyone would like to update them, please get in contact with me by e-mail first. (It has been reported though that there have been remarkably few changes since 1999, so you may still follow the maps and not get lost.)

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Have fun in Sociopolitical Ramifications!

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