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unci narynin

the unobtrusive appearance    _)\_      _..--'O"o\-.
of 40 kg of feline.. the     /e  ,`--o'O  o O' 0 o|.`o-._             fL
noiseless step of big soft  <_, ; o 0 o" O "_.\ o(  `-._o``--..___..-o')
paws.. the cool soft touch   --' `, o/,--''' _/O,';     ``-o..o___o--''
intricate pattern of black    (,.-'-' spots and rosettes..
the elegant
swish of a long thick-furred tail.. the calm glance of glacier-blue
eyes.. the small but meaningful movements of black-furred ears with
white spots..

Go bare-pawed now!

who is unci ?

i am the personal furry of a central european freepawer with much of the spirit of a snow leopard . i was born in kyrgyztan, near the sources of the naryn river (hence the name), and came into the world of mucks via unknown ways .

very close to a natural snow leopard and not anthropomorphized much, i prefer to walk on all four paws if i don't carry anything in my hands, and usually wear no clothes, as my thick fur protects me from coldness and wind, and also covers the parts of my body that i consider private . well padded and warmed by good blood circulation, my paws feel most comfortable in deep powder snow .

as all snow leopards, i love the highest mountains, where i can feel the power of nature most directly . if you ever saw the reflection on millions of ice particles floating in the air, forming a second sun, or experienced the sunrise on a clear winter morning from a summit; if you could feel the eternal strength of the stars in the infinite universe on a calm summer night; if you woke up after a stormy night outside your cave and saw the jagged rocks laying peacefully under a metre of deep white powder sparkling in the morning sun; if you heard the first drops of the awakening waterfall tinkle inside its frozen shape in early spring; if you warmed your white fur in warm sunbeams on a fresh flower meadow where snow just melted - then you would never want to live elsewhere !

i was solitary for most of my life, alone with myself, my thoughts and the great nature - but i also found good friends, and learned something new, the culture of cuddling . it is a really great feeling to snug to a good friend's furry body, to share each other's warmth and trust, to purr gently and form a general atmosphere of peace and comfort, wherever you are . i might appear reserved at first, but i can be extremely playful and silly too, just catch me in the right mood .

however, when it comes to my sexuality, i tend to be very shy, and if you are too nosy there, you might even feel my sharp claws digging deeply in your flesh . you must be a really good friend, and show how gentle you are, first . in general, i have no preference of gender or species . to most, it is impossible to find out my sex, as this is generally well-hidden in snow leopards .

my greatest value is certainly my own freedom, and the one of everyone else and the whole nature . i am equal to all other beings, and no one can dominate me, as i dominate no one else . i would rather live alone than integrate into a society that tries to limit my freedom . however, i believe that a society without violence or domination is possible . freedom and equality go with each other, one cannot be imagined without the other . it is hard to imagine that, as a predator, i regard my prey as equal, but when hunting, i am in danger too, and in most cases, they escape anyway - so it's a game of equal chances .

on mucks, i am mostly out of character, using them as a way to maintain my contacts to furry friends all over the world . i try to never regard anyone as inferior - but i regard no-one as superior either; while freedom and equality are both important, they should never overshadow each other .

unci's tail

yes, i have built myself a tail - so i can look and feel a little bit more like a snow leopard in real life :)

due to problems at arclight.net the tail page is currently down.

mucks that i'm on

pictures of unci

picture of unci's bipedal shape by andré heinonen
frontal picture of a rl snow leopard, looking much like unci_narynin . photo by tbk .
picture of the same snow leopard, seen from a different angle . photo by tbk .
unci_narynin is a non-anthropomorphic uncia (snow leopard) . this picture shows hym resting somewhere in FurryMUCK's mountains . drawn by tbk .
unci_narynin, my personal furry on furrymuck, had a cub shape and called hymself unci_kitten . drawn by tbk .
unci_narynin from furrymuck (snow leopard) standing on a model railway, art by seppo kalevi halonen (nimravid) . smaller rescan and re-interpretation of unci-giant-sh.gif .
unci_narynin used to have a giant shape . here he stands over a railroad track . drawn by seppo halonen, scanned by tbk .
"enjoying life" picture drawn by toma, including unci in four-legged shape
"unci and toma" by toma, including unci in two-legged shape
note: most of these pictures are rather old (mid-1990s) - to see all art by unci, go here!

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