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Legislative RED ALERT!!

Follow this link for the latest language in Title IV of HR3888, the spamming provisions of the House version of the Telephone slamming bill. This ABYSMAL language was passed by the House Telecommunications subcommittee on Thursday 6 August 1998, but the full committee is not expected to take up the issue until September. ACT NOW to contact your congressmen and protest this pro-spam legislation.

Follow this link to see what just got tacked onto a bill passed on the night of 12 May 98 by the US Senate. A misguided amendment sponsored by Sen Murkowski and Sen Torrecelli legitimizes opt-out spam with only minimal requirement for originator identification and 'valid routing information'.

Legal Cases against spammers

Coalition to Abolish Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE) - A grass-roots movement formed to advocate modifying the existing US Federal 'junk-fax' law to cover unsolicited advertising e-mail.

Places you can file complaints

Existing and Emerging US State and Federal LAWS regarding junk e-mail.

Other Anti-Junk E-mail Sites

Our comments submitted to the Federal Trade Commission answering questions on unsolicited commercial e-mail to be addressed in a FTC-sponsored Privacy Workshop in June 1997

Report of the CDT ad-hoc working group on UCE to the FTC During the FTC privacy workshop in June 1997, the FTC commissioned the Center for Democracy and Technology to lead an ad-hoc working group to present a more in-depth study of the junk e-mail situation than was possible during the workshop itself. Over a year later, the report of this group was released. Already outdated in some areas by the time of its release, and frought with lack of real consensus among the members on many points, the basic conclusions and recommendations shed little additional light on the issue, merely highlighting the points of contention already raised at the original workshop and hashed about in various media over the intervening year. The political influence of the direct marketers and other monied interests is quite obvious in the 'soft on UCE solutions' tone of the report. Also, those continuing to insist that there is some 'free speech' issue with regard to dumpping loads of unwanted, unauthorized advertising mail onto the privately-owned machines managed to retain language that incorrectly equates banning UCE with banning a class of somehow constitutionally 'protected' speech.

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