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Links to Other Anti-Junk E-mail Sites

  • Coalition to Abolish Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE) - A grass-roots movement formed to advocate modifying the existing US Federal 'junk-fax' law to cover unsolicited advertising e-mail.

  • Fight Spam on the Internet! - What is spam and why it's a Bad Thing (tm). How to complain, and a campaign list to show your opposition and various methods you can employ. Info on useful tools for blocking and filtering as well as known rogue sites. Also some icons you can download.

  • Get that spammer! - A diverse page which includes online tracing tools for those not having access to the typical spam tracking utilities. Subjects include: Tools, ISP's, Links, Instructions, Suggestions, Why?, How to advertise, Complaint, Articles

  • Campaign to Stop Junk Email - Good background on the subject, info on precautions you can take and things not to do to get on (or off) spammer mailing lists lists. Links to articles and other anti-junk mail sites. Even graphics you can get to use on your own page to show you don't want mail.

  • Outlaw JunkE-mail Now - generic site with lots of info and links to yet more sites and articles on the overall subject.

  • Attorney Mark Welch's Junk Email Pages - Mr Welch has had some personal contact with Sanford Wallace, and even reports a personal threat from him. He has an extensive set of pages concerning Cyber Promotions and other spammers at:

  • How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, Spam, and Telemarketers - A comprehensive set of pages with good tips and info on making your life a bit more junk and hassle-free. Addresses to write and numbers to call to get off lists.
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