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I live near Skegness (sunny Skeggy!) in Lincolnshire! Its a tiny *town* near the east coast of England.

Its me - and 'Boo'  - a wolf puppet I sometimes amuse people withI've lived here 15 years, before that I was in Wales at College, alternating to Hong Kong for 4 years. I have travelled to just about every country in the EU, as well as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai, USA.

I am currently working in the Newspaper business, running as the New Media Manager - in control of 34 web sites at the moment, with extra sites and accounts out of hours.
Domain names held: 234

I used to be the Newspaper Sales & Promotions Manager, in charge of approx. 250 newsagents, with a newspaper group circulation of 26,000 (4 weekly paid-for titles).

I recieved a 'Highly Commended' Award for my secure on-line shopping site from the DTI UK-Online e-commerce Awards 2001. (kinda moved on since then somewhat!)

I've been working in the newspaper business for over 13 years now, and apart from my current position in the New Media Department, I have also done; Newspaper Sales & Promotions, Subscription Database creation/management, Controlled the Adbooking system (old version ran on Rbase via a LAN running Netware).
I also have worked on creating show stands & displays, as used for local promotion of our titles, the organisation of in-paper promotions and competitions, (including; In-paper Bingo!, Lottery Syndicates, Moneybags games) and readership targeting.               
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Before joining my present company, I gained RSA level 3's in Word-processing, Diploma in Information Technology, and later the Advanced Information in Diploma, via a local IT Training company.
Once at Morton's, I have been on Rbase Training, Internal Auditing, Time Management, Finance for Non-Financial Managers, GQL, Introduction to Management, Managing People and completed the first stage of NVQ Level 4 'Competent Manager', Marketing Management course at Lincoln University.
Technical I've done the Macromedia UltraDev course, Flash 5 Essentials and the Dreamweaver 4 Advanced. Also now completed Javascipt and a PHP course.
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For Fun.

Like skiing too!Well in my spare time I love films, films, films! With the advance in sound and picture quality, I've gone mad over DVD and all that comes with it. See my DVD page for more information on this little hobby.

As you can guess my PC plays a supportive role in my life, always being there for me when I'm down *grin*. I do contract work from home for companies, as well as a goodly amount of Half Life and Unreal Tournament playing. I also enjoy the old emulators and the classic games.
(PC is an Althon XP 2800, 1GB DDR Ram, GeForce5 FX5990XT, 19" monitor, 80GB, 20GB HD)
Net connection and LAN by Netgear PCI 11g Wireless card, and NetGear Wireless ADSL router. Laptop is an old heavy 466 celeron with 192MB RAM and 3COM Wireless 11g card.

I also enjoy conversing with others on Talkers and MUD/MUCK systems (plain text talking systems / roleplay).
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The Future.

Its murky, involves cars, dvd's, kebabs and a lot of work (in other words - no idea)

You can email via gmail.com - darkclawtwolf is the address!