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Sherwood MUCK

Connect to   sherwood.muck.limitless.org 1996  or  1996

Web page: http://members.limitless.org/~sherwood/

A MUCK for people who like dramatic role playing in a medieval environment, Sherwood MUCK strives to capture a whimsical but dark spirit by casting anthropomorphic animals in the roles of 13th century peasants, nobles and outlaws. Dispensing with magic and mythological creatures, this MUCK concentrates on realistic role play with realistic consequences. Not a medieval re-creation MUCK, looseness is allowed in areas that make the game more fun, and the fun parts of medieval life are concentrated on instead of the miseries.

Sherwood MUCK boasts a rather large (1700+ rooms) public area and high standards on building, characters and plots. In addition, Sherwood MUCK is fun for the whole family since there are strict standards of public conduct, making sure players will not stumble across sexual situations during the course of their play. No doubt, this is a MUCK for people who specifically seek dramatic medieval role playing, not so much for those who wish to socialize.

Finally, in answer to one of the most commonly asked questions, Sherwood MUCK is not based on any single movie or story of Robin Hood. Instead, it is fairly original, being an amalgam of influences but tending most toward the actual folklore and earliest writings concerning Robin Hood. That means we welcome your original characters, and you should by no means feel limited to fulfilling stereotypes or pre-defined roles.

So if you like dramatic role play, medieval times, the legends of Robin Hood, or merely wish to try playing a character in a well-organized and high-quality environment, come give Sherwood MUCK a try! Characters are created on the spot by staffers and wizards and no applications are required for standard characters.

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Revised May 3, 2001: description

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