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Recent Updates

November 5, 2015:
Address for DarkBlade MUCK/MUD is now darkblade.icecoolcode.com port 7575
July 19, 2012:
Removed New Draconia Muck
April 17, 2012:
Removed Vagrant
Added Noir Haven
February 20, 2012:
Address for FurryMUCK is now furrymuck.com port 8888
February 16, 2012:
Added Nexus Gate
December 19, 2011:
Added Winter's Oasis


Have you ever wanted to chat with a centaur? Or with a werewolf, or some other mythical or fantastic creature? That's the attraction of furry MUCKs -- online chat systems where people can act as whatever kind of critter strikes their fancy. MUCKs provide a more elaborate environment than systems such as IRC (Internet Relay Chat); you can write a detailed description of yourself and what you're wearing and carrying, and "build" your own "home" or places for others to explore.

MUCKs are a derivative of text-based game systems known as MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons), but there is no scoring system and the goal is simply to have fun and socialize. The term MUCK doesn't really stand for anything, it's just a play on words from MUD. There are several varieties of servers (MUCKs, MUSHes, MOOs, etc.) so collectively they're called MU*s.

The List

There are hundreds of MU*s with all sorts of themes, but this list concentrates on those featuring anthropomorphics: intelligent animal/people/morphs/genetic creations/whatever. These are the most well-publicized ones, listed in approximate order of age. You can connect (via telnet) by selecting the numeric or domain name address indicated. (The numeric will connect a little faster, but is subject to change; the domain name address usually remains constant.)

For more information on a particular MU*, select its name in the table. If you prefer, you can get a combined list of all the descriptions (file size about 175K) from http://www.tigerden.com/infopage/muck/desc.html

Maintained by Rhal
Latest revision: November 5, 2015, version 202
A list of recent changes is available from http://www.tigerden.com/infopage/muck/new.html

Rhal's Handy List of Furry MU*s               (Version 202 / November 5, 2015)
Name                                  domain.name  port       IP numeric  port
----------------------------------- ------------- -----  --------------- -----
After... MUCK                  muck.aftermuck.net  1994                 
Alfandria                    jaguar.chameleon.net  8888  8888
Altered Dimensions 3 MUX stormbringer.sysconn.com  7000  7000
Amuck                              katbox.cjb.net  8888                 
Anthropomorphia                  anthro.sytes.net  8888                 
Aranous MUCK                          aranous.com  2323  2323
ArmageddonMUCK              mercury.planetmud.com  9999  9999
Bajor3D                            wolfsinger.com  1701  1701
Beast Wars Transformers
                       redknight.crystalsands.net  8000  8000
Bleeding Earth MUCK              bem.uchicago.edu  9500  9500
Camelot                          camelot.ltlc.com  4201  4201
Cat's Haven                     zor.game-host.org  4201                 
ChaosMUCK                     chaosmuck.no-ip.com  3333                 
Clubfur             clubfur.animalcrackers.com.au  8888  8888
Cry of the Kalahari: Red Sun Rising    marupa.net  7007                 
DSF (The Dark Side of the Fluff)  dsf.leopard.net  7777  7777
Daemon MUCK                     SpartanRealms.com  5000                 
Dark Dreams MUCK                dark.picarefy.com  1666  1666
DarkBlade MUCK/MUD      darkblade.icecoolcode.com  7575                 
DarkFurr                           snowcloude.com  4201  4201
Dragon's Shadow MUCK                 dovienya.net  3443                 
Dreamtime                            meerkats.org  8881  8881
Faibanx                  faibanx.lavadomefive.com  8888  8888
FeatherMUCK                feathermuck.avians.net  8888  8888
FlipSide MUCK                    flipsidemuck.org  9999  9999
FluffMUCK                           fluffmuck.org  8888  8888
Fool's Moon: Legacy                furryfaire.org  9999  9999
FoxMUCK                      foxmuck.kittyfox.net  4242  4242
Frontier Galaxy MUCK              muck.tanabi.org  8000  8000
FurFire MUCK                furfire.servegame.com  4567                 
FurToonia                        ft.furtoonia.net  9999  9999
Furcadia                See http://www.furcadia.com for connection information
Furry University Muck       ravibrencreations.net  4370  4370
FurryFaire                         furryfaire.org  8888  8888
FurryMUCK                           furrymuck.com  8888  8888
FurryMUSH                                           4040
Furs in Space
       See http://fursinspace.whiteshepherd.mine.nu for connection information
Furscape MUCK              furscape.servegame.com  2001                 
FuzzyLogic                     muck.ginkosoft.com  9341  9341
Golden Realms MUCK            tursiops.vulpes.net  4370  4370
Gondwana                             mtaki.ath.cx  4000  4000
Great Forest MUCK                   gfm.no-ip.org  8888                 
Haezyn                                            4201
Heaven's Door                       peacedove.org  2212  2212
Here Lie Monsters MUCK        hereliemonsters.org  9999                 
Hidden Nirvana MUCK                    marupa.net  2010                 
Hunters of Chaos            muck.animaltracks.net  1234  1234
IVZ Mush                              ivz.dhs.org  6250  6250
Imbris MUSH (German language)
                             sun1.lrz-muenchen.de  6250  6250
India MUCK                           dovienya.net  3737                 
Infinite Journey                muck.kamakiri.org  9578                 
Jeshukobe: New Beginnings          marupa.mine.nu  6100                 
K'raii                            kalio.no-ip.com  5555                 
KashraMUCK                      muck.shadarii.com  8823                 
Katoptron MUCK                 ehost.serveftp.com  4201                 
Latitude MUCK                    latitude.muck.ca    23                 
Lion King II: Simba's Pride       muck.prides.org  4545                 
Lion King MUCK                   muck.tlkmuck.org  7675  7675
Lost Dreams                 muck.animaltracks.net  8881  8881
Meadows MUCK                         amber.org.uk  7000  7000
NIMHmuck: Rats of the Lost Valley
                                muck.nimhmuck.org  4567                 
NarniaMUCK                    muck.narniamuck.org  2050                 
Neo Genesis       See http://www.neogenesismuck.com for connection information
Nexus Gate                           lunarnet.org  6667                 
Nodeka                                 nodeka.com    23    23
Noir Haven                     mucks.cyberleo.net  7878  7878
OtherSpace                        jointhesaga.com  1790                 
Pridelands Chronicles MUCK                           1994
PuzzleboxMUCK                   puzzleboxmuck.org  8890                 
RealmsMUCK                         realms.fur.com  7765  7765
Redwall MUCK          redwall.realm.limitless.org  4203  4203
Romance in the Savannah MUCK         frostmud.com  8811  8811
Ryksyll MOO                       moo.ryksyll.com  8888  8888
Sci-Fi MUCK                           gamersp.com  3434  3434
Sherwood MUCK         sherwood.muck.limitless.org  1996  1996
Sociopolitical Ramifications    spr.ctrl-c.liu.se    23    23
Sonic X                        mucks.cyberleo.net 20000                 
SpinDizzy                      muck.spindizzy.org  7072  7072
SporkMUCK                           sporkmuck.org  8888                 
Sunrise MUCK                   sunrise.drigon.com  9999  9999
SuperMegaTopia MUCK     supermegatopia.dyndns.org  8888                 
TaleSpin MUCK                      fmorph.dhs.org  1937  1937
Tapestries                     tapestries.fur.com  2069  2069
The Den                     theden.angel-hare.com  8888  8888
The Necropolis Project                 jrwill.com  2001  2001
The Wild                         muck.thewild.org  4201  4201
Timescape                       mserv1.wizvax.net  6300  6300
Trimere MUCK                  connect.trimere.com  3838                 
Twisted Kingdoms        muck.twisted-kingdoms.com  8900                 
Unbridled Desires          hercules.mthelicon.com  8888  8888
Ungabunga Island MUCK                nefastis.net  1808  1808
Visions of Alius          muck.visionsofalius.com  4199                 
Warriors the Muck - Divergence     wolfsinger.com  2287                 
Winter's Oasis              muck.wintersoasis.com  8888  8888
Wintershade MUCK                  wintershade.net  2003                 
Xanadu Station                     xanadu.gull.us  8888                 
Xpandoria                   newdraconia.no-ip.org  9999                 

If you know of any other MU*s with a furry theme or which allow furry characters, please let me know! Write up a description, of comparable length to the entries here (brief or long) and send it to me. Or if you have more info on the ones listed skimpily, please send it! [Note that sometimes a wizard will request that their MU* not be listed here.]

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