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Unbridled Desires

Connect to   hercules.mthelicon.com 8888  or  8888

Web page: http://www.angel-hare.com/acorn/muck/UDChar.html

From the welcome screen: "This tinymuck is an adventure land for those with brave hearts. It's not like your average muck in that your character by their action may get changed in little or great ways."

The name may imply it's an equine-centric muck, but it's not. Anyone or anything is welcome. although a lot of the players take equine based characters (horses, 'taurs, unicorns, pegasii etc). Unbridled Desires prides itself on being a very open, relaxed atmosphere where friends get together to just to get together. There are no "In Character" rules, though you'll find that most of the inhabitants are very real electronic extensions of their "RL" creators. While online, the boundary between creator and created can become quite vauge.

Revised January 8, 2007: address

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