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More Information and Background on Cyber Promotions

The following sections contain websites where articles describing Cyber Promotions' operations, practices, and attitudes may be found.

In addition, some contacts and links to contacts are provided which may help.

This list will be revised as new information and locations are found.

Legal Actions

  • America On Line - Cyber Promotions suit against AOL and the AOL countersuit were combined. There are a lot of facets to this case, so background material is must first reading.

  • Concentric Net wins some relief in court - Wallace signs Declaration under penalty of perjury that he will not use Concentric Net for spamming.

  • Compuserve Legal Actions - Compuserve got a temporary restraining order against use of their name in Cyber Promo mailings and asked for further prohibitions against Wallace targeting their customers. Ruling came on 3 Feb.

  • Prodigy wins settlemet - Along with Compuserve, Prodigy's name was also used by Wallace to mis-identify his machines. This settlement also had a cash award for the ensuing trademark infringement.

  • Earthlink - On 6 April, Cyber Promotions spammed a press release stating "A judge in Los Angeles Superior Court rejected an attempt by Earthlink, an Internet Service Provider, to obtain an injunction against Cyber Promotions' bulk e-mail service, ruling that Earthlink had not proved that Cyber had done anything wrong." In typical Wallace style, the rest of the message hails this as a victory for his spamming business. However, other information indicates this may just be the first round in the court action by Earthlink. Although details initially were sketchy and unverified, the case isn't as closed as the Cyber Promotions press release implies.

    On 30 April, Earthlink issued a press release entitled "SPAMMERS BEWARE EarthLink Network declares war on Internet abuses". This confirms the lawsuit against Cyber Promotions, and admits to some difficulty with obtaining an initial injunction. The press release is at:

  • CyberPromo and AGIS - Although not discussing a legal action, this article hilights a mysterious outage at AGIS network, Wallace's latest connectivity provider. Some speculate may this outage may have been the result of an attack by someone angry over AGIS's inaction in dealing with the spammers they haven, most notably Cyber Promotions. This article also mentions that AGIS is re-evaluating its use policies and may be making an announcement on revisions soon.

    The 'announcement' alluded to above turned out to be a form of 'remove list' plan. See the AGIS discussion below for more information on this plan.

    Other web pages discussing Cyber Promotions

  • The CyberPromo FAQ - The Cyberpromo FAQ is a comprehensive documentation of the activities of Cyber Promotions, a company widely regarded as one of the greatest abusers of the internet. This document includes a listing of all known business practices of this company as well as an updated list of all known domains, netblocks, IP addresses, and other information about this company and its leader, Sanford Wallace. The Cyberpromo FAQ is maintained at the following sites:

  • Garbage In Garbage Out - deals with many aspects of the spam situation. Including an *entire section* devoted to Cyber Promo. This section includes quite a bit of past history, Wallace quotes, and horror stories about just the sort of tactics Cyber/Wallace employ. Good background material.

  • MSNBC Interview - An article about CyberPromo's spams and an interview with Sanford Wallace. Includes audio clips for those capable of receiving MSN's format for audio.

  • I HATE Junk E-Mail Web page - Some fairly extensive information, including a number of responses from Cyber Promo's 'less-than-pleased' customers who tried to advertise using his spam service.

  • Information Law Alert - Story about Cyber Promo and Wallace. Wallace quotes showing his attitudes and tactics. Covers both the Philadelphia case, and the Virginia suit.

  • Inc.- Yet another story in the magazine for small business. This one goes down the litany of providers Wallace has been booted from, although it's not quite up to date. Since that story, he's been booted from Servint/CAIS. He now infests Sprintlink. This is more recent than the article mentioned above and includes a sample junk ad, transcript of an online chat session discussing junk mail, and several letters on the issue. Their Letters to the Editor online-bulletin board lets you submit your opinion.

  • Attorney Mark Welch's Junk Email Pages - Mr Welch has had some personal contact with Sanford Wallace, and even reports a personal threat from him. He has an extensive set of pages concerning Cyber Promotions and other spammers at:

    Some history of Cyber Promo with the BBB and ISPs

    Other anti-junk e-mail sites

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