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Welcome to furrydom! Here's where you can find out more about "furries" -- a term which has come to be used both for furry characters, and for the fans of them.

Welcome especially to those seeking info after seeing something about furries on TV. Several shows, including Back to You, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Jimmy Kimmel, The Man Show, ER, Drew Carey, and specials on MTV and HBO have featured furries. However, these depictions have largely been along the lines of "lookit the freaks" and are not a fair representation of furries or furry fandom in general. Have you ever noticed in TV coverage of a football game, how the camera often focuses on the few fans (out of a stadium of tens of thousands) who have painted their bodies in the team colors? Yes, furry fandom has its share of colorful characters -- but most of people who are fascinated by furries are not that different from the people you know at school, work or church who enjoy sports, gardening, arts and crafts, cooking, collecting, games, or any other hobbies.

What Are Furries?

You've probably seen many: they're the stars of greeting cards, TV commercials, comics and movies entertaining millions of young and old alike. In short, folks with fur... characters in literature, film, TV, comics, or roleplaying who aren't quite human. Examples in popular media include cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny; mythical creatures such as werewolves and dragons (the possession of fur is not a requirement of being "furry"); or aliens such as the Wookies and Ewoks of Star Wars.

But for some folks, the furries appearing in popular media aren't enough... so they seek out independent comic books like Steve Galacci's Albedo and Mike Curtis's Shanda the Panda. These long-running series deal with mature subject matter: the former, the personal and physical devastations of war; the latter, the ecstasies, agonies, and intricacies of adult relationships. And in fact, the only comic ever to win a Pulitzer Prize is furry: Art Spiegelman's Maus, chronicling the experiences of his father in Nazi Germany, with cats cast as Nazis and mice as Jews.

The newsgroup alt.fan.furry is where you'll find discussion of all aspects of furry fandom; in many respects similar to science fiction fandom, but "furry" is a "meta-genre", since it cuts across traditional genre classifications of SF (the Wookies of Star Wars), Westerns (Feivel Goes West), heroic quests (Watership Down), and even sports (Animalympics). The Lynx/Greywolf Furry FAQ explains the basic topics about furries and furry fandom. Note that some a.f.f. posters tend to bicker; the contentiousness found on this newsgroup is not representative of furries in general.

Finding Furry Stuff

The vast bulk of furry material is available from other furry fans -- self-published fanzines and artists' portfolios, or stories and pictures archived at FTP and Web sites.

Commercially Available

The Recommended Anthropomorphics List is for fans who want to know what anthropomorphic comics, movies, TV series, novels, etc. are worth looking for, and lists the items eligible for nomination for the annual Ursa Major Awards.

Furry Art Info

Furries Online



Network Games

Web Communities, Other Newsgroups, Mailing Lists

Lifestyle Info

Fandom Info

Conventions and Large Gatherings

Established conventions and gatherings of more than 100 people. A list of smaller gatherings, and science fiction conventions with a furry presence, can be seen on WikiFur's listing of Upcoming Events.

Historical Note: ConFurence (or, the International Anthropomorphic (Furry) Convention/Exposition, for short) was the premiere furry convention, founded in 1989 and running annually until 2003. CF0-10 were organized by The ConFurence Association. From 2000-2003, The ConFurence Group produced the conventions.

Media Coverage

The growth of furry fandom has attracted media attention, so much so that there's a LiveJournal community devoted to sightings of furries in the media.

Here's an article from the Tri-Valley Herald in the San Francisco Bay area: http://www.xydexx.com/anthrofurry/trivalley.htm , another from Jim Hill Media: http://jimhillmedia.com/blogs/roger_colton/archive/2003/02/03/887.aspx , and from the Philadelphia-area paper Wayne Suburban: http://www.xydexx.com/anthrofurry/furries.htm .

Pressed Fur is a site that collects media mentions about furries and furry fandom, as well as essays, critiques, and views of how others see the fandom, but it hasn't been updated since 2002.

For a good, impartial overview of furries and furry fandom, check out the Wikipedia entries on furries and furry fandom.

The Lion King

One of the best furry films of recent memory, so since I'm a big lion fan, it gets its own section.

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